The Corner Stone and God

The Corner Stone – 

Another way Jesus saw himself – on the bottom and not noticed , but of most important. 

Because being with the Holy Spirit – was also filtering into everyone else’s minds and even thoughts. 

Science has still yet to prove the human spirit – but we all know it’s there , and is of a good thing as well – for it is what we will depend on – to continue into eternity and everlasting life – that is the way I see it as – so far anyway.

But what and how does the flesh and the decisions we make while living it – effect our spirit ?

Could this be what life is about ? 

Learning – living – making decisions and living with them ? This would of course , include our mistakes we make. 

Is this what God is all about ? Perhaps teaching us in advance – of how not to make mistakes that will come back to bite you in the ass mistakes ?

This could be why he sent Jesus – A Saviour – which is Forgiveness of these mistakes.

But why would God care or even bother ? – some would ask. And I would have to say because God is LOVE – and love has many parts to it that cannot be tainted with anything, like compassion , and mercy. We all have it in us – but we all have our own wants in us as well. This is why there is need for a GOD  – a God of all truth and love – which is always ahead in thought with all possibilities of what can go wrong – and who will step in when all goes wrong – why? Because CARE – comes with love and compassion , and this can lead to forgiveness and ultimately – change.

This is what the new covenant is/was , it was change – and God threw in the one thing that leads to change – which is forgiveness – Which is what Jesus was for. You cannot change without forgiveness – and this was sealed with Jesus’s sacrifice of himself. 

What better way for God the father – to understand what makes people do what they do than to send a piece of himself – down to live in the flesh – and live with them – to do – and to decide – whether to follow bad or good or blend in . To blend in would be to to think and decide – make choices that would be good for one’s self – but at the same time – be good for others . And to help – to help is to do for one another to make something easier – with less suffering…-. Which then comes back to compassion and care…-.

    Jesus knew that people did exist – who had none of these good qualities instilled within them – so he did what any one of us would want to do – to share what he knew – as a truth to all mankind.. 

How do we know he had the truth within him ? Well – the Holy Spirit holds the truth – A collection of all spirits – but rolled up into the one – knowing and understanding – understanding and knowing – and with love.

To compare – Computer creators created the CLOUD – right? to hold so much information , but we all know that this cloud will have to find a way of dealing with viruses and hackers and those who may want to use it for a purpose that may only benefit them self or just to create havoc , because they want to and it makes them feel proud of them self , and power full they think.

This is why God wants us and needs us to his will of things – because there is this other – that wants nothing but what he wants – and does not have love – or care – or compassion within it.

This is why we need God in heaven – The Good – The all Wise – The Pure Love – the Pure Truth. – The Mercy full God that can adapt and change endlessly to counter the ones who create confusion and havoc…-.Image


I just do not have much hope for this world when I witness the things I do…

This may be more a journal than a Blog , but is at least a place to write what is on mine(s) mind.

I notice a lot of sensible talk and writing in the world and over the internet, but there is sadly one constant that most people do not seem to understand . It is the love of money , and what it does to this world. I notice many pastors and the like wise preaching Jesus and such , but do not notice anyone willing to make and or start the change. It is more a catch 22 when it comes to change – because it takes money to make it – a simple trick of the devil it is , and most refuse to see it. it seems no one is willing to tackle the root of all evil – yet at the same time – they want God to do it for them -yet if God attempts it through a messenger – people will surely fight it. They do not seem to understand that Money IS – the seed – to THE LOVE OF MONEY. And the reason Jesus did not say this in the past is because he would have been killed that much quicker if he did – and it was not right for that time. But we now live in modern times , and even if we all have the good will to do good works – it can – but cannot be done with money , for greed and corruption is a spawn of it.
What IS ? the stock market about ? But greed ? Inflation IS! GREED ! And those who say they are Christian – dare say that this is the way Jesus wanted people to act towards one another ? Nay – and no way – did Jesus support GREED ! Yet it makes the world work ? Our so called leaders may not be thinking of a future of the world and all people , but I think they are more about themselves – and their own power and glory they think they obtain , not thinking of doing for all people and for the eternal life at the same time , yet they say they Love and follow Christ – like most people…-.
What are the super-wealthy about ? They thank God for the wealth , but seem to throw their love to the money , rather than to God – with good works. Their addiction to the love of money increases as they get it , it is never ending and a race to what ? means ? Does or will God favour them for this ? Of course not , not if they do not share and help people – the ones who made them rich to begin with.
This is why suffering in the world continues – even the existence of money – cannot be helped but loved when people obtain much of it , but at the same time – separates people because of it – counter productive of what Jesus taught. When are people going to wake up to this ?? When are they going to support Christ ??
Everyone knows there are and wont be enough Jobs available for all who need them , for man-kinds Idea of prosperity anyway, so now what ? Putting education out of the reach of the poor will not help…
We have an internet to help with the knowledge – but it is full of fee’s now. We cannot all survive on selling our images to one another – Money is this – just temporary fixes for a lost society , that’s solution is LOVE of each-other and the willingness to care and share.
Think ahead people – We all know that companies exist to make money – and they always want to make more – and as soon as they can find a way to do it – they will… And not if – but when robotics and machines are made to replace paying jobs – those jobs are then gone – that is it – then what ? We all cannot own restaurants and eat our selves to death , that would slowly drain on the knowledge of cooking for ourselves as well.
Nope – I thought about this for many many years – and it seems that any change with money staying the same , simply is that of a patch – just a patch and not a solution to world peace. And not a one person but WE? is willing to stand up and say it to the public.

The Future

Mine  and I hope, God’s and Jesus’s thoughts on the future.

I have some thoughts on what the future should be like.

First of all , I am a true believer of Jesus Christ and his overall message in the new testament.

An open mind , is what is needed to interpit life today and  the bible and what was, thousands of years ago and what is to come.  Since Jesus’s preaching days and up to these modern days, I think people in general are losing their ways when it comes to followers of Jesus, and do not fully understand the logical side of Jesus.

He observed and whitnessed people and their behaviors his whole short life and figured out the root of all evil.

He said ” for the love of money is the root of all evil “.

And I also took observance  of people my whole life and did not like what I saw when people had conflict and tough times with money. I knew then that the want of it could turn good people into bad people , even ruthless people. Money and the want/love of it has been building up since it was invented and with it the iniquity that people do to get it. It has been used for power by all types of people , good and bad.

Prosperity – Most people think this is done with money, but it really is not, not when Jesus wanted prosperity for all people , because people tend to want and hoard it, and then use it for power to build up their pride and ego. This is not what Jesus taught about brotherly love. He knew that and I know that, and it is obvious that the more of it that is wanted, the more conflict that will come of it. I think money had its time in the limelight, inspireing people to work , with thoughts of their own prosperity (they hoped) , and much was acomplished over the last two thousand years.

But now – there are 7 billion people on this planet, all of whom , with society the way it is now, are being pushed into thinking that money is the only way to a satisfying life, and while this happens, faith and God and good morals are taking the hit.

The problem is that mankind went way overboard with it the past ten years, and the cost of living has gotten rediculous , and as people push for higher wages, so to does the cost of living go up. That is the problem with hoarding money and the rich, most of it is kept from recirculating and used mostly to get even more of it. This widened the gap between the rich and the poor (in debt) , and the obvious would happen next. More conflict , and how much money is made from conflict while at the same time reducing populations.

The truth is, money has corrupted us, it has corrupted our values and eroded our morality and interfered with true religion as well… I am a believer in the ten commandments and do think someone would have to be insane  to kill another human being. Yet some people think that killing for a religion okay like it was (was) back in the old testiment. But Jesus and many other religions are fairly simular in their morality issues. The new covenent was with Jesus and his understanding of love and forgiveness.

So , for the future, I think mankind should honor Jesus by following prophacy and revelations . And that would mean the forming of a world government, like the bible fortold. I think that this is the government that Trinity of God is to take over and run properly, thus creating heaven on earth.

This would mean an end to mankinds greedy and wanting everything , but still not be satisfied nature – well , I can’t say thats our nature , because I think that the love of money has made us this way. We are more intelligent yes, but at the same time, we grew more and more materialistic and proud . Marrige has changed for the worse through all of this as well, with spouses being pushed into their own wants via media peer pressure instead of living in twain the way the bible suggests. The satisfaction of life is learning through growing and raising a family, not a  career. A career is just a job ,although it can be a part of your personality, it  is still a job/somthing to do, but love is what people need and want.  The bible fortold all of this as well when it mentions the falling away from – thats falling away from what life is really about and morality and God/Jesus.

Vanity is pushed upon us and its all for the sake of money being created. If we didnt have to depend on money , to get us off our lazy butts, most of the problems society now faces would fade away. If people could control their wants , there would be enough room and food for all the people of the world. Money is not the solution to make peace, getting rid of it is. It’s like when two babies fight over a toy or piece of candy, what would a parent do to teach a lesson but take it away, or perhaps take control and share it evenly. God knew all of this would happen, so did Jesus and so did I notice it.

It is now up to people and selflessness with compassion to make or build a glorious future where people are treated right (like ones self) , and respected for having individuale thoughts and idea’s. Then all people need to do is build up on eachothers idea’s which has been happening since people began. But it can be done without greed as long as people still care about eachother human being. It is sad when people care only in times of disaster , why cannot it be this way all the time, I guarentee we all would sleep better and have much less stress, thus heathier lives.

All in all , mankind should be destined to explore space, and a star trek TYPE future could very well make this into reality. Nano technoligy and quantum phyics are now fact, in fact , science has just figured out how to bend light, making invisability a reality. I’ve seen the news cast…

It also seems we are beginning to understand earth and nature better than ever, and animal understanding is also becoming. In the future, I would not doubt that we could communicate with our minds the thoughts we have to eachother, or even have a device that allows this to happen. Holograms are already a reality , but rare, probally due to COST. It now seems that money is actually stalling newer developement in technoligy, as far as getting it to the public anyway.

Yes, the history of money , it was a tool, sopposed to be a tool for developement, not war and mayhem or slavory, of which we all are now – to the ALMIGHTY BUCK .

This is me making a declaration – deal with it

This is me making a declaration – deal with it.

Poor girl ; Patience also has to come into ones life when writeing, for much thinking and reasoning  and understanding within the mind is also needed, and then the organization of the words on top.  But one has to have patience to wait for the inspiration comming from their thoughts as well as the inner thoughts and reasonings of your own spirit, of which is inter-mingled with God – and the other. Finding the right words takes time, and one cannot force oneself to come up with an opinion of truth and honesty – and with a deadline and dependence on money , the true words may be lost or hurried upon for that reason, as well as the stress of everyday life.

She does write well, and perhaps I can help her, not like I am even better at writeing than her, but there are some tricks to writeing she may not know of , the same as I experienced…-.

Perhaps she will contact me or seek me for maybe the one thing she may be missing in ALL she has to say…-.

One thing for sure, If money is on the mind – even though one may not think it is – but is anyway – the story or truth may not come out as freely and honestly as one wants it to…-.

Anyway – it does take private time and a determined mind on the subject to keep ones self from being distracted. So she is right, but also may not see the money part of the situation…-.

I think ones writes because they want to get their thoughts and understandings recorded in a way  and money has nothing to do with it when this is what one feels and wants to do…-.

I wonder just how many good writers are out there, but are held back by circumstances related to money…-. I admit it is hard to seperate ourselves from true writeing and writeing for money, seeing that we have been forced to depend on money for a living for thousands of years or since it was invented…-.

JESUS CHRIST spoke the truth when he said the LOVE OF MONEY – IS THE ROOT – OF ALL EVIL….-. and are we not, as a civalization (forced) in a way, to depend on it, thus treating it as a loved one , thus loving it, thus worshipping it even???? And many doing what they have to do do, even if its against the morality Jesus and God put within us ? To get as much of it as possible, thus loving it even more. And people may wonder why the root reference  – well , just look at how it rooted its way into almost everything we do. Even to the point of paying your own children, (who parents work to feed and grow them)  to chip in with household chores or to clean their own messy room ???? Cannot people see how Money has become the mediator, instead of the wisdom that God and Jesus gives us for free?????

Well , just look at what I started writing about and where it wound up , sort of like a root, but a root of truth I think…-.

Well , this is something to think about , our own manmade yoke, and its now a very heavy one for the underprivaledged…-.


Money , some call it king of the world, but they are far from the truth. Money has been around for so long that many people wont know what to do without it.

Jesus Christ – ‘ For the love of money is the root off all evil’ and wow, how I believe that. It’s actually kind of funny to me – how such an intelligent being – humans are, cannot think up a better system to  use  money. I just cannot believe how far people will go for money , or what they will do for it. It sometimes makes me ashamed of myself when even I want more of it. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is that there cannot be enough jobs when automation  and robots are used. Jobs are falling by the wayside is seems.

Can a person who has enough stuff – be forced to buy more stuff. For those who understand the bible and how Jesus forgave and healed  for free.For those who understand that Jesus wanted us to live modest lives and love thy neighbor as you love Jesus and yourself. But still I see an unsociable society. It seems people are more into copying t.v. shows and celebrities knowing full well that celebrity lives really are not like what one sees on t.v.

    We ,as grown ups and  parents are supposed to be teaching our young ones family  values and morality not just sitting them in front of the T.V. babysitter. And we are to teach them that things on t.v. are not what they seem, but with people wanting more and more money in their lives, it seems daycare is doing more the job of parenting in some cases.

    Some people copy characters off t.v. for real, I actually saw on t.v. one day – a girl who got the necessary operations so she could look like a vampire…I just feel so sorry for people who live by what media tells them how to live. Be yourself I would say.

Let your love out – for your fellow human, don’t take advantage of people , and respect them.  Treat  them like one would treat yourself and if people did that, we wouldn’t even need money existence in this world . People would help each other , given the odd man out , people like to do stuff and go here and there  and build this and that…It seems that it takes disaster before the good comes out  in people at times, which makes me sad. It makes me sad when I have to watch two people fight or have an argument.

People ask what life is all about and I think it is a learning lesson from baby to death .Understanding and wisdom builds up in a way , for to help others I think. It doesn’t make sense to create and not share and improve upon.  That is what we do , humans , we upgrade all the time and I know that is a computer term…So why do we need money when we could establish a system where all be fed and housed and treated right , just like you would want to be treated. It really isn’t that hard and Jesus is the way to understanding…