Guns and Violence…

Guns ,knives , weapons . I wrote of this before…-.

In my opinion and a follower of God , I just don’t see the sense of them anymore. But of course , there are all circumstances to think of. Conditions can exist or come forward where  a gun may be needed yes , but, think about the what if’s and circumstances if guns were regulated properly or even gotten rid of all together…-.

But what I think about in most part , is people on people, and how easily a conflict can grow , even from nothing or a laugh or prank in this case…

Was the use of a gun needed for the pranksters in which a 15 year old girl’s life was sadly taken at a young age ?  , definitely not , all the guy had to do was the licence plate number or some other way to report them and let the police and insurance deal with it… It’s just stuff , stuff , remember that folks….

But the guns , and what I say of them, well, no one had disagreed with me yet, that when they are available and are so many in numbers now , that even in a mature owners hands, they can still be used as the argument ender, or in a misjudgement, and revenge and vengeance and such. Like taking the law into one’s own hands in a sense. But a person and emotions can be dangerous, such as even police are not immune to it …

So there you go , you give a people means to get guns , without knowing what sense of moral they have, what sort of ethic’s ,  they have , not knowing if they have any fear at all of God and judgement and eternal life and all . Many just think and tell themselves Jesus will forgive no matter what , and I say huh ? If a person hates a type of people , as in being racist with color or country and money , and know it, yet ignore what Jesus was like and all , that Jesus wouldn’t even think of killing a person ,( for that is the opposite of love) ,and especially for arguments and dumb arguments at that , created ,made, that lead up to one hating another , well , what would you expect Jesus to tell God, seeing that he is the MEDIATOR , he may forgive, but there is still the father in heaven he spoke of before he died. Sure there is mercy, but do people think it is just thrown on any and everyone without knowing the heart and mind and soul of the one being judges ?? So no, don’t be thinking all is forgiven when such hatred in ones soul is , and such disregard for life if within one’s mind and soul and spirit…. How and what would the argument be, and just how and what defense would Jesus even use for such a spirit/soul, when it comes to the final judgement….

The Ten Commandments stand – and that we should love eachother like we say we love Jesus… As ourselves as well…-. Image


2 thoughts on “Guns and Violence…

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    • I don’t know , but I do know there is afterlife , and that killing from emotion (hmmmm , think about that) and for protection are two different things i think… the law in florida is a stupid law….should be struck out and erased, and a new defined one be made up, that can handle all circumstances and conditions…then again, teach people that life – if treated like a toy and misused – it will behave like a toy and eventually abuse without inteligence…

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