Witness of Judging.

    There are a many people in this world, and all of them have that little judge inside them, the mediator or Jesus one could say.

    What many people do forget however – is that Jesus came to this world for the sinners of it and not to judge but only by or with his father – which is in heaven. This means that Jesus did not want a part of trying to judge people on earth – knowing each one was different – he cam to forgive of each ones sins when they simply believed on him.

Now why do people of various religions now think they can make up sins for other people – is what I ask. Simply – while in the flesh – we cannot – we just cannot do this. It is written in the bible that we shall not throw a stumbling stone upon others , or basically – if one does , they are at risk of someone throwing one upon them. 

Another problem is people taking sins from over two thousand years ago – then twisting and turning the words to fit what their idea of sin is in these days. One still – cannot do this , they may put or make a sin up for them self , but not for others , that is God’s job and it should be left up to GOD. Besides – we have it in ourselves when we are behaving badly or not – it is called guilt , and we all feel it when we do something that is wrong.

Now – some people were brought up in a way – where they are told , by some one what is wrong and what is right – but what makes the teacher right ? if they teach in a way that Jesus would not teach of. For example – giving grace before a meal , now in extremes – where one wants to put them self above others, they may make up a rule , that before seating , the person must kneel on the floor before the chair and give grace that way.

Now is it a sin if one does not do this ? Only to the person who made the rule it would be. But is it to GOD – we don’t know , we just don’t. But in the bible – it does say that respect for the lord of the household should be given. So , the kneeling will be more for respect for the lord of the manner , but should it have merit to GOD? Well , only if the lord of the household chooses to throw it upon to judgement . Will it have merit before the judge – probably not – for this was only a tress pass that the lord of the manner did not forgive , and  tress passes , as one knows from the lords prayer , are to be forgiven. So that settles that.

The sins that people make up within themselves are he tress – passes to their – perhaps eyes and ears , and they should not talk of them with judgement . This is probably where see no evil- hear no evil  – speak no evil came from. So how much sense does the saying judge – and thou shall be judged make ? It makes perfect sense.

    To be like Jesus and GOD , is more to offer help or some words, as not to bite at the person, but for to help them think of how and why to improve them self to become better and more perfect. 

Mankind – even though many don’t know it – seeks perfection , but they themselves , with their free will , may be deciding or changing just what – perfection actually is.

I can put it simply for people seeking it – there is no perfection in the flesh – there you go . We all have our flaws and we all make mistakes , that includes me of course, I have made a many mistakes and continue to this day. To be perfect – is pretty much to have no choice of your own, sort of frozen in time, saying nothing , thinking nothing. The sooner people come to terms with this , the sooner we can all get along.

And who would want a world – where everyone has exactly the same personality anyway ? EEESH – we would die of boredom of ourselves…-. We are not robots, and do not wish to become robot like. 

What makes people do what they do though ? Well – they do like attention here and there , but too much attention can also be overwhelming , another lesson in the bible , if one cares to notice it , is to lead more a modest or medium type life – not thinking too high of yourself , but not thinking too low of yourself. We are creatures of love first , remember that, and we all need and want love in return. Now if that love is set aside while we look for something to replace it, thinking this will make me happy – forget it – you will still wind up with wanting and needing love after all the other things you may have tried to fill that hole or emptiness you feel in your chest at times. Sure – one can keep themselves busy, or partying and playing, but sooner or later – they will find them self alone , or in a tight spot, and they will find out that it was LOVE all along – that they wanted and needed.

There is nothing loving about the misuse of another human being – so remember – if you misuse someone – and then get misused yourself , remember that feeling – and take it as a lesson in life. This is why Jesus wants us to love each other as we did him.

    But I hear many a people say they love Jesus – and that they know Jesus – then to go out in the world and behave opposite of what Jesus would. Well – to know Jesus , you also have to know the Jesus and God within yourself, and until you can find this, then you cannot  know – therefore LOVE Jesus and God can you…-. The answer is simple however – it is the love of which you have to get to know that is within yourselves, and then to perfect that love by taking out – lets say – the rotten apples that have been thrown into this barrel/body of love. This comes with prayer and talking to God and Jesus and yourself – picking out hate and judge within yourself and making it clean by simply asking forgiveness of it, and then to forgive others tress-passes against you. This is how you can help make yourself clean.

And do notice – when you feel guilt within yourself , either it being something said, or in an action or even judgemental thought. notice it – do something to correct it to a resolve, then be done with it. Know that keeping it bottled up inside – contribute to stress and hatred and bitterness, all of which can make your own body ill if it builds up enough and is dwelled upon. 

            That is all I have to say today…-.Image


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