What Is True Happiness ???-?

      I think all or at least most people will or have asked this at one time in their lives.

I saw a headline that said money Does buy happiness but didn’t bother reading it because I knew it was not true. What money does buy is entertainment I can admit , but is entertainment true happiness – sad but true – it is not – sorry. 

    Firstly – happiness is Love – The love that God has put into each and every one of us – whether we deny it or not – it is still there. It may be extremely small in some people and may be extremely large in others , but it it is still there. Jesus healed people with his love – don’t  deny it, for thousands of witnesses claim it so…-. Will a big stash of money – hold you in bed when you have a migraine headache ? It can buy medication yes , but will it comfort you with love ?- or buy you the false comfort of love ? I think you know the answer. A better question for religious types , will money buy you the eternal life through Jesus that I would have to believe everyone wants ? Well – according to the teachings in the bible and an over all understanding of it – that depends on the help one offers who has plenty of it to help with (charity)(works even). But will it buy one the true love and commitment one wants ??? Not really – because if the love is bought – it is also Imagespoiled sooner or later – which leads to disrespect of the one that is bought. Which is NOT true love and the commitment that one wants. What is the lesson here ? The lesson is that one can never buy true love and the ones that attempt this will sooner or later be let down in a severe way…-.

      Family – Family is the second most important thing in our lives . Without it – we would not be. They are important to our happiness because they at one time or another support us when we need the support – as family should do. Those who run out or have no family left – depend on …

     Friends – the third most important part of our lives . Now I know that it is an insult to have to buy friends or friendship of another, and it would have to be an insult to think that yourself should be bought to be a true friend – so respect must be given to and from  true friends. There is nothing wrong with giving to friends , but know when and if you are being taken advantage of. 

      So there you go – happiness cannot be bought or purchased , because true happiness is LOVE first , and true or pure LOVE is priceless. What people think is the happiness they think they bought – is actually entertainment and the temporary joy they get out of it…-.


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