The Corner Stone and God

The Corner Stone – 

Another way Jesus saw himself – on the bottom and not noticed , but of most important. 

Because being with the Holy Spirit – was also filtering into everyone else’s minds and even thoughts. 

Science has still yet to prove the human spirit – but we all know it’s there , and is of a good thing as well – for it is what we will depend on – to continue into eternity and everlasting life – that is the way I see it as – so far anyway.

But what and how does the flesh and the decisions we make while living it – effect our spirit ?

Could this be what life is about ? 

Learning – living – making decisions and living with them ? This would of course , include our mistakes we make. 

Is this what God is all about ? Perhaps teaching us in advance – of how not to make mistakes that will come back to bite you in the ass mistakes ?

This could be why he sent Jesus – A Saviour – which is Forgiveness of these mistakes.

But why would God care or even bother ? – some would ask. And I would have to say because God is LOVE – and love has many parts to it that cannot be tainted with anything, like compassion , and mercy. We all have it in us – but we all have our own wants in us as well. This is why there is need for a GOD  – a God of all truth and love – which is always ahead in thought with all possibilities of what can go wrong – and who will step in when all goes wrong – why? Because CARE – comes with love and compassion , and this can lead to forgiveness and ultimately – change.

This is what the new covenant is/was , it was change – and God threw in the one thing that leads to change – which is forgiveness – Which is what Jesus was for. You cannot change without forgiveness – and this was sealed with Jesus’s sacrifice of himself. 

What better way for God the father – to understand what makes people do what they do than to send a piece of himself – down to live in the flesh – and live with them – to do – and to decide – whether to follow bad or good or blend in . To blend in would be to to think and decide – make choices that would be good for one’s self – but at the same time – be good for others . And to help – to help is to do for one another to make something easier – with less suffering…-. Which then comes back to compassion and care…-.

    Jesus knew that people did exist – who had none of these good qualities instilled within them – so he did what any one of us would want to do – to share what he knew – as a truth to all mankind.. 

How do we know he had the truth within him ? Well – the Holy Spirit holds the truth – A collection of all spirits – but rolled up into the one – knowing and understanding – understanding and knowing – and with love.

To compare – Computer creators created the CLOUD – right? to hold so much information , but we all know that this cloud will have to find a way of dealing with viruses and hackers and those who may want to use it for a purpose that may only benefit them self or just to create havoc , because they want to and it makes them feel proud of them self , and power full they think.

This is why God wants us and needs us to his will of things – because there is this other – that wants nothing but what he wants – and does not have love – or care – or compassion within it.

This is why we need God in heaven – The Good – The all Wise – The Pure Love – the Pure Truth. – The Mercy full God that can adapt and change endlessly to counter the ones who create confusion and havoc…-.Image


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