I just do not have much hope for this world when I witness the things I do…

This may be more a journal than a Blog , but is at least a place to write what is on mine(s) mind.

I notice a lot of sensible talk and writing in the world and over the internet, but there is sadly one constant that most people do not seem to understand . It is the love of money , and what it does to this world. I notice many pastors and the like wise preaching Jesus and such , but do not notice anyone willing to make and or start the change. It is more a catch 22 when it comes to change – because it takes money to make it – a simple trick of the devil it is , and most refuse to see it. it seems no one is willing to tackle the root of all evil – yet at the same time – they want God to do it for them -yet if God attempts it through a messenger – people will surely fight it. They do not seem to understand that Money IS – the seed – to THE LOVE OF MONEY. And the reason Jesus did not say this in the past is because he would have been killed that much quicker if he did – and it was not right for that time. But we now live in modern times , and even if we all have the good will to do good works – it can – but cannot be done with money , for greed and corruption is a spawn of it.
What IS ? the stock market about ? But greed ? Inflation IS! GREED ! And those who say they are Christian – dare say that this is the way Jesus wanted people to act towards one another ? Nay – and no way – did Jesus support GREED ! Yet it makes the world work ? Our so called leaders may not be thinking of a future of the world and all people , but I think they are more about themselves – and their own power and glory they think they obtain , not thinking of doing for all people and for the eternal life at the same time , yet they say they Love and follow Christ – like most people…-.
What are the super-wealthy about ? They thank God for the wealth , but seem to throw their love to the money , rather than to God – with good works. Their addiction to the love of money increases as they get it , it is never ending and a race to what ? means ? Does or will God favour them for this ? Of course not , not if they do not share and help people – the ones who made them rich to begin with.
This is why suffering in the world continues – even the existence of money – cannot be helped but loved when people obtain much of it , but at the same time – separates people because of it – counter productive of what Jesus taught. When are people going to wake up to this ?? When are they going to support Christ ??
Everyone knows there are and wont be enough Jobs available for all who need them , for man-kinds Idea of prosperity anyway, so now what ? Putting education out of the reach of the poor will not help…
We have an internet to help with the knowledge – but it is full of fee’s now. We cannot all survive on selling our images to one another – Money is this – just temporary fixes for a lost society , that’s solution is LOVE of each-other and the willingness to care and share.
Think ahead people – We all know that companies exist to make money – and they always want to make more – and as soon as they can find a way to do it – they will… And not if – but when robotics and machines are made to replace paying jobs – those jobs are then gone – that is it – then what ? We all cannot own restaurants and eat our selves to death , that would slowly drain on the knowledge of cooking for ourselves as well.
Nope – I thought about this for many many years – and it seems that any change with money staying the same , simply is that of a patch – just a patch and not a solution to world peace. And not a one person but WE? is willing to stand up and say it to the public.


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