The Future

Mine  and I hope, God’s and Jesus’s thoughts on the future.

I have some thoughts on what the future should be like.

First of all , I am a true believer of Jesus Christ and his overall message in the new testament.

An open mind , is what is needed to interpit life today and  the bible and what was, thousands of years ago and what is to come.  Since Jesus’s preaching days and up to these modern days, I think people in general are losing their ways when it comes to followers of Jesus, and do not fully understand the logical side of Jesus.

He observed and whitnessed people and their behaviors his whole short life and figured out the root of all evil.

He said ” for the love of money is the root of all evil “.

And I also took observance  of people my whole life and did not like what I saw when people had conflict and tough times with money. I knew then that the want of it could turn good people into bad people , even ruthless people. Money and the want/love of it has been building up since it was invented and with it the iniquity that people do to get it. It has been used for power by all types of people , good and bad.

Prosperity – Most people think this is done with money, but it really is not, not when Jesus wanted prosperity for all people , because people tend to want and hoard it, and then use it for power to build up their pride and ego. This is not what Jesus taught about brotherly love. He knew that and I know that, and it is obvious that the more of it that is wanted, the more conflict that will come of it. I think money had its time in the limelight, inspireing people to work , with thoughts of their own prosperity (they hoped) , and much was acomplished over the last two thousand years.

But now – there are 7 billion people on this planet, all of whom , with society the way it is now, are being pushed into thinking that money is the only way to a satisfying life, and while this happens, faith and God and good morals are taking the hit.

The problem is that mankind went way overboard with it the past ten years, and the cost of living has gotten rediculous , and as people push for higher wages, so to does the cost of living go up. That is the problem with hoarding money and the rich, most of it is kept from recirculating and used mostly to get even more of it. This widened the gap between the rich and the poor (in debt) , and the obvious would happen next. More conflict , and how much money is made from conflict while at the same time reducing populations.

The truth is, money has corrupted us, it has corrupted our values and eroded our morality and interfered with true religion as well… I am a believer in the ten commandments and do think someone would have to be insane  to kill another human being. Yet some people think that killing for a religion okay like it was (was) back in the old testiment. But Jesus and many other religions are fairly simular in their morality issues. The new covenent was with Jesus and his understanding of love and forgiveness.

So , for the future, I think mankind should honor Jesus by following prophacy and revelations . And that would mean the forming of a world government, like the bible fortold. I think that this is the government that Trinity of God is to take over and run properly, thus creating heaven on earth.

This would mean an end to mankinds greedy and wanting everything , but still not be satisfied nature – well , I can’t say thats our nature , because I think that the love of money has made us this way. We are more intelligent yes, but at the same time, we grew more and more materialistic and proud . Marrige has changed for the worse through all of this as well, with spouses being pushed into their own wants via media peer pressure instead of living in twain the way the bible suggests. The satisfaction of life is learning through growing and raising a family, not a  career. A career is just a job ,although it can be a part of your personality, it  is still a job/somthing to do, but love is what people need and want.  The bible fortold all of this as well when it mentions the falling away from – thats falling away from what life is really about and morality and God/Jesus.

Vanity is pushed upon us and its all for the sake of money being created. If we didnt have to depend on money , to get us off our lazy butts, most of the problems society now faces would fade away. If people could control their wants , there would be enough room and food for all the people of the world. Money is not the solution to make peace, getting rid of it is. It’s like when two babies fight over a toy or piece of candy, what would a parent do to teach a lesson but take it away, or perhaps take control and share it evenly. God knew all of this would happen, so did Jesus and so did I notice it.

It is now up to people and selflessness with compassion to make or build a glorious future where people are treated right (like ones self) , and respected for having individuale thoughts and idea’s. Then all people need to do is build up on eachothers idea’s which has been happening since people began. But it can be done without greed as long as people still care about eachother human being. It is sad when people care only in times of disaster , why cannot it be this way all the time, I guarentee we all would sleep better and have much less stress, thus heathier lives.

All in all , mankind should be destined to explore space, and a star trek TYPE future could very well make this into reality. Nano technoligy and quantum phyics are now fact, in fact , science has just figured out how to bend light, making invisability a reality. I’ve seen the news cast…

It also seems we are beginning to understand earth and nature better than ever, and animal understanding is also becoming. In the future, I would not doubt that we could communicate with our minds the thoughts we have to eachother, or even have a device that allows this to happen. Holograms are already a reality , but rare, probally due to COST. It now seems that money is actually stalling newer developement in technoligy, as far as getting it to the public anyway.

Yes, the history of money , it was a tool, sopposed to be a tool for developement, not war and mayhem or slavory, of which we all are now – to the ALMIGHTY BUCK .


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