This is me making a declaration – deal with it

This is me making a declaration – deal with it.

Poor girl ; Patience also has to come into ones life when writeing, for much thinking and reasoning  and understanding within the mind is also needed, and then the organization of the words on top.  But one has to have patience to wait for the inspiration comming from their thoughts as well as the inner thoughts and reasonings of your own spirit, of which is inter-mingled with God – and the other. Finding the right words takes time, and one cannot force oneself to come up with an opinion of truth and honesty – and with a deadline and dependence on money , the true words may be lost or hurried upon for that reason, as well as the stress of everyday life.

She does write well, and perhaps I can help her, not like I am even better at writeing than her, but there are some tricks to writeing she may not know of , the same as I experienced…-.

Perhaps she will contact me or seek me for maybe the one thing she may be missing in ALL she has to say…-.

One thing for sure, If money is on the mind – even though one may not think it is – but is anyway – the story or truth may not come out as freely and honestly as one wants it to…-.

Anyway – it does take private time and a determined mind on the subject to keep ones self from being distracted. So she is right, but also may not see the money part of the situation…-.

I think ones writes because they want to get their thoughts and understandings recorded in a way  and money has nothing to do with it when this is what one feels and wants to do…-.

I wonder just how many good writers are out there, but are held back by circumstances related to money…-. I admit it is hard to seperate ourselves from true writeing and writeing for money, seeing that we have been forced to depend on money for a living for thousands of years or since it was invented…-.

JESUS CHRIST spoke the truth when he said the LOVE OF MONEY – IS THE ROOT – OF ALL EVIL….-. and are we not, as a civalization (forced) in a way, to depend on it, thus treating it as a loved one , thus loving it, thus worshipping it even???? And many doing what they have to do do, even if its against the morality Jesus and God put within us ? To get as much of it as possible, thus loving it even more. And people may wonder why the root reference  – well , just look at how it rooted its way into almost everything we do. Even to the point of paying your own children, (who parents work to feed and grow them)  to chip in with household chores or to clean their own messy room ???? Cannot people see how Money has become the mediator, instead of the wisdom that God and Jesus gives us for free?????

Well , just look at what I started writing about and where it wound up , sort of like a root, but a root of truth I think…-.

Well , this is something to think about , our own manmade yoke, and its now a very heavy one for the underprivaledged…-.


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