Money , some call it king of the world, but they are far from the truth. Money has been around for so long that many people wont know what to do without it.

Jesus Christ – ‘ For the love of money is the root off all evil’ and wow, how I believe that. It’s actually kind of funny to me – how such an intelligent being – humans are, cannot think up a better system to  use  money. I just cannot believe how far people will go for money , or what they will do for it. It sometimes makes me ashamed of myself when even I want more of it. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is that there cannot be enough jobs when automation  and robots are used. Jobs are falling by the wayside is seems.

Can a person who has enough stuff – be forced to buy more stuff. For those who understand the bible and how Jesus forgave and healed  for free.For those who understand that Jesus wanted us to live modest lives and love thy neighbor as you love Jesus and yourself. But still I see an unsociable society. It seems people are more into copying t.v. shows and celebrities knowing full well that celebrity lives really are not like what one sees on t.v.

    We ,as grown ups and  parents are supposed to be teaching our young ones family  values and morality not just sitting them in front of the T.V. babysitter. And we are to teach them that things on t.v. are not what they seem, but with people wanting more and more money in their lives, it seems daycare is doing more the job of parenting in some cases.

    Some people copy characters off t.v. for real, I actually saw on t.v. one day – a girl who got the necessary operations so she could look like a vampire…I just feel so sorry for people who live by what media tells them how to live. Be yourself I would say.

Let your love out – for your fellow human, don’t take advantage of people , and respect them.  Treat  them like one would treat yourself and if people did that, we wouldn’t even need money existence in this world . People would help each other , given the odd man out , people like to do stuff and go here and there  and build this and that…It seems that it takes disaster before the good comes out  in people at times, which makes me sad. It makes me sad when I have to watch two people fight or have an argument.

People ask what life is all about and I think it is a learning lesson from baby to death .Understanding and wisdom builds up in a way , for to help others I think. It doesn’t make sense to create and not share and improve upon.  That is what we do , humans , we upgrade all the time and I know that is a computer term…So why do we need money when we could establish a system where all be fed and housed and treated right , just like you would want to be treated. It really isn’t that hard and Jesus is the way to understanding…


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