It seems to me , that in today’s world that marriages are not taken as seriously as they should be.I see so many people divorced or hurt that it hurts me to see it, if that makes any sense to anyone.

When I think of marriage I see a couple who truly are in it for better or for worse, a couple who will be together no matter what, that’s what one says when they repeat those vows and that’s the way they should take it.

But I notice in today’s world  that married couples let such silly things come between them and it just makes no sense sometimes the reasons why they divorce…It seems that we are pushed sometimes as to what to think  and do with our lives through the media and current trends. Some marriages are more like a business and love takes a second seat to it. Which brings up the issue of money and its role in marriages and just how it can split couples up through financing and mortgages and for many young couples , even the wedding puts monetary stress at issue and then there is the honeymoon and away you go.

Right off the mark  many couples start out in debt . But should that effect their love for one another ? It  shouldnt , but on the pocket-book there is a pile of debt building and lurking in the distance an argument waiting to happen. It seems there are always reasons and problems and solutions don’t pop up at the right times, but if a couple just take a break – a breather , and think about what they are fighting over and remember the reason they got married – love , that’s what it’s all about , love.

Marriage is about love , the love for one another;  and the commitment that comes along with it. Some people don’t understand this and I think many people have lost the meaning of husband  and wife. Todays media is to blame for it, telling people that they should do this to be happy and that to fit in  Fit In … You have to have this – you must have that, you have to go here , you have to go there you should be doing this , you should be doing that ” . Dont listen to that junk. It’s almost like people are trying to copy the couples they see on t.v. and in sit-coms , not realizing that the world doesn’t work that way and that these show are supposed to entertain not show a couple how to lead a life , there’s a lot more to it than that…

Couples should be just themselves and develop their understanding of each other and the world without all the hip-hop and trend setting ideas interfering with their love to one another. People are not robots – but we are being treated like them …  Wake up world and realize that we are being controlled through the media and it is not necessarily good.


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